who are We?

About Us

While there are knitting machines and sewing machines, there are no crochet machines.
All of our crocheted items are 100% made by hand.


Our History

 If I could sit and crochet 24 hours a day, I would. Please enjoy these wonderful handmade items. I hope they become cherished keepsakes in your home and that you get as much enjoyment out of them as I did in making them.

crocheting is an art

We make beautiful,
handmade crochet items

For your home, to wear, or for your gift-giving needs.

Unique Pieces

Most of our creations are one of a kind pieces. It’s such fun experimenting with colors and seeing how it all comes together.

Functional, Durable, And Appealing

We source premium yarns to ensure high quality handmade items.

100% Handmade

No mass production here. Everything in our shop is handmade. We purchase beautiful yarns and wait until the right project comes along!

making memories

From our home to yours

Designs from amazingly talented designers around the world.

Baby Items

Blankets, Amigurumi, Toys


Blankets, Pillows, Wall Hangings


Beautiful wearables, shawls, hats, scarfs, and more